Developer | Atriace

Contributors | Matt VG, Iriel, Foxlit


Massive is intended as a full suite of GUI-centric, diagnostic and tracking tools for the World of Warcraft. Primarily targeted at assisting in UI design, many of it's features aid in quick data tracking & locating of unknown data.


If you want to utilize the debug functions in your mod, register with LibStub by using:

local dbg = LibStub:GetLibrary("Massive")
if (not dbg) then return; end

Slash Commands

/mass (or /massive)

Debug Functions


dbg.print(msg [, id] [, clear])

msg = the message to print to the report window id = (number) color code (1=blue, 2=green, 3=red, 4=cyan, 5=orange, 6=Yellow, 7=Purple, 9=grey, 10=white) clear = (boolean) erase previous message before printing



Checks tracked vars 10 times per second. To add new variables on the fly, use "/mass track varname" (can be a table too) var = (string) variable/table to track

dbg.GetPoints(frame, anchor)

Retrieves the x & y of anchor on frame (something GetPoint(n) fails at... who wrote that anyway). Alternatively, you can retrieve all anchor coordinates by specifying "all" as the anchor (order: tl, t, tr, l, r, bl, b, br). Returns a list in each case. frame = (string or table) the frame to retrieve info for anchor = (string) the anchor point to retrieve coords for (ie., "TOPLEFT")


Receives a string of either a var ("foo") or nested var ("") and returns the variable object


If you'd like to contribute to the project, please contact me with any suggestions you may have or post on the project site if you've discovered any undocumented issues. Alternatively, if you have a tool you'd like to incorporate into Massive and would like to become part of the development, let me know and I'd happy to consider it.